Donation to Support and Receive Video access

Wrap Party instructions

its a wrap video

Donate $30.00 Us and receive our Wrap Party Video. . We're doing our own "Peer to peer support” to build what the community needs. It's time for professionally shot video with voice over and instructions on our wrap workshops. You’ll also receive instructions for wraps and sizes and a discount towards hand crafted wraps!

Material Design Video

shoe redesign

The Material Design Accessory and shoe redesign Lab- is a novel approach to building design portfolios and ideas. We appreciate your donation of $60 and as a thank you - we get calls for these covered shoes often but they are best suited to local businesses.  You'll receive on demand video access of this Accessory creativity lab beginning in October 2014. The first nine (9) to donate by September 18th 12 midnight) in this category get to Skype in live to our September workshop –   Workshop is Saturday 20th 11am-4pm

BKstyleCon 2014 Video

Your donation is needed to further this our seminars are exceptional and this year we want to have them professionally shot and made available to those not able to attend live. A contribution of $100 will give you access to - Full access to videos of the 5 Day Studio session Invite to Group chats questions on taped presentation. Video will be available October 15th 2014 When did you last attend a professional fashion seminars or buy/read a trade magazines that helped you with your business. How do you handle Line Edits, focus groups and consumer research, on your budget How confident are you of your customers’ needs, or how well you understand what makes her/him buy, their size and fit issues, where they live or shop and when...

Donate what you can & Thanks for the support!

Not Interested in video access feel free to donate as you see fit... and do tell a friend. My goal is to help local businesses across the globe, build and scale using technology. During the last 10 years develop a program that works. Here is the very first video board circa 2008 laying out a general guide of the process. It's now a full-fledged program but supporting materials, forms, guides, workshops and conferences need to be developed. Your contributions will help develop this conference and a video series that can be used to support a Global program online.

Creative Digital Strategy Sessions

Attend a Virtual Group  Sessions  and Four 1/2 hr long, one on one sessions via Skype on your personal creative strategy. Support material and templates help you prep whether you choose to DIY or especially if you choose to outsource.  D0nate by midnight September 17th  2014   and receive video highlights package also...  
Sessions will be begin schedule October 2014


Six Months Virtual Mentorship

This is an excellent for 3 month mentorship for indie designers or those wanting to mentor in their area. Donate by $600 or more by September 21st and receive master video package Learn to source, to design, to show and to sell using technology from your home. Your contributions will help develop this conference and a video series that can be used to support a Global program online. Results vary depending of speed of execution and time commitment. Start Octorber2014 or January 2015

Pay it Forward

To take this to the next level we need to ensure resource and service professionals exist. While individuals may have strong skillset in one area but lack proficiency  and understand of  the latest core concept in the other two - Creative Skillset (Fashion Art, Music Entertainmente Lifyleest), Businessand technology... 
If you  have expertise and skill in one of these niches, and want to learn  and explore the others why not join us...  six months learning and working  your fingers to the bone (virtual is possible).  Then pay it forward by taking on two others show them what you've learned (again while working you fingers to the bone!) We can build what  local communities need!

“In Kind” is Just as Fine

A new business has a lot of needs, fabric material notions, technology. Access to phones and laptops can go  along way! Sometimes it's space, to work and or to sell.  Please indicate type-  Technology/Hardware Donation | Material/Notions Donation | Space Donation. 

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