It’s Time to Develop The Local SupplyChain #BKstyleCon 2014

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You may have noted that I speak of the “Fashion” as an “Ecosystem”, as well as reference the term “cradle to cradle”, and not simply the #fashiontech elite… simply put  you cannot sell local fashion if you do not have local manufacturing and manufactures will have nothing to produce if consumers have no faith in the quality of locally produced garments. On the other end if no one can pay for your marketing  social commerce and services will mean nothing . 

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New dress store

This is Not Your Mama’s Dress Shoppe – How Technology is Changing Local fashion


fashion tech  in teh apparel bsuiness lifecucle

Teach Your Passion


Video Presentation for the fashion Entrepreneur

Do You See what I’m Saying | Video & Telepresence for the Local Business


leverage your alter ego

Tapping into your Alter Ego to Leverage Success


bfw basic Bkstylecon

Building a Scalable Six Figure Fashiontech Startup or Biz- Open Intensive Workshop


3d printed

Getting started with 3D printing for Custom Fashion Design


meet the buyer

Meet The Buyers


pricing  people position

Reality Check – Plug the Holes for a Banner Holiday 2014


Brooklyn tee party
Brooklyn “Tee” Party- Branding Beyond the Graphics


BKstyle POP up

Selling BKstyle


unusual accessory

#BKstyleCon-Material Design – Accessory Wardrobe


shoe covering workshop

#BKstyleCon-Material Design – ReThinking The Shoe


Fundraiser fashion show

#Bkstylecon Wrap Party and Fundraiser


Steam 2014
Youth FashionTech Entrepreneurship Studio, Show & Sell