Innovation is a Process

addressing Modern designers

Introducing new fashiotech tools and companies | exploring  new ways technology is impacting fashion | Innovating  to create solutions we actually need.  BKSTylecode is about  fashiontech  innovations but  Innovation  takes time. Innovation is a process.

BKSTYlecode addresses challenges faced by the creative cottage design  sector, Fashion Home Accessories.  It takes into account such as ft, style quality  contol and production issues  specific to the fashion sector.  We also  address tech  adoption issues, faced by local mom and pop businesses from chousing hardware to choosing software!

  • to the left of the above image 
    • Today’s Independent local designer needs to understand the Process of creating products services and merchandise
    • They need to manage, what can sometimes be “complex” business models.
    • With Social Media, they not only need understand social media networking but social commerce and social retail to engage is almost all areaes of their business.
  • Yet as indicated on the right 
    • That designer  is now also  competing in a global marketplace for a place in her local clients wardrobe 
    • larger corporations hav eteh luxury of planning tehir merchandising for increased sales…  we plan to  explore the logistics of co- planning
    • At the end it is about  sales  and finding or creating  what is necessary to make for profit! 

The first move in this direction is STYleCon 2014 an open conference designed for the Local Creative Cottage Indutry! 

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In 2009 a challenge to  “use the technology  I “evangelised ” to solve issues faced by independent creatives,  led to the search for a virtual Incubator. In the course of addressing these issues we identified the supply chain as a crucial factor, that was draining vital resources. It was not just one challenge but several points of stress.Futher Bkstylecode is about adopting new technology and practices into an existing  culture, creating a  Social STYle as suc.  How do we introduce Hangout, Helpouts, telepresence, haptics, 2d codes, 3d printing and scanning, collaborative design, Co-manufacturing. Social Styling and some we have yet to meet.