Fashion Entreprenurial Types

Fashion  In general have many  roles, and the interest of each individual “type” may vary… 

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Those in fashion need to be able to work or leverage these not just via training they must also be or intuitive and “ergonomical’ .
we’re speaking solutions from cradle to cradle : and not just well reviewed by solutions that actualy work, and with busienss models that sustain them through mass adoption. Fashion tech needs to extend beyond media to

Support services for those in fashion – professional, creative and personal development.
Solutions in the supply chain- products & services that address sourcing, , design, production- through to sales customer support and trending
There also needs to be a broader understanding of the tech opportunities in the full scope of today’s fashion market. Even in Identifying full diversity of that market – there are so many “niches’ between offprice and luxury… 

Fashion Buyer
Fashion Consumer
Fashion Manufacturers
Fashion Designers
Fashion Wardrobe suppliers
Fashion Artist
Fashion Stylist 
Fashion Entertainer
Fashion Promoter
Fashion Educator
Fashion Blogger
Fashion Journalist
Fashion Curator
Fashion Critic
Fashion Blogger
Fashion Archivists
Fashion Techie
Fashion  Collector
Fashion  Exhibitors
Fashion  Innovators 
Fashion the service providers; Google, etc.