Creating a Conference on the Art, Business, Lifestyle & technology powering Local Creative Cottage Industrialism Movements Globally  BKStyleCon™ 2014



The Inaugural BKStyleCon™ Targets FashionTech  and seeks to present a consumer focused, event providing  resources , seminars and workshops at the intersection of Local Fashion, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Industrialism


September 14-21, 2014 see schedule


Stratospher 227 Utica Avenue... It takes tech into the communities 


 Presenters are practising creatives, experts in Fashion, Business, Tech

For whom- This is a Professional and Biz development- Fashion has a broad scope of players

  1. Emerging  design community
  2. Creative exploring fashiontech as a side gig- 
  3. Master artist and creatives comfortable in the local fashion but  new to the tech arena


Purpose - a format to It is essential 


BKSTyleCon 2014  events  for professionals 


BKSTyleCon 2014 ​Events  for Professionals

Sunday 14th, 2014

Regenesis - Rethinking Fashion Beyond Retail   

​Sunday 14th  10-4  

Sell your passion Sunday 14th 10-4 | 6-9pm  ​10-12 Opening Bunchr​​12-2  Teach You Passion - Joanne Black ​​2-3  Teh power of Telepresence - Video   3-4

Sunday 14th  10-4  

The exhibitionist TBA_ Omo Misha 



6-9  Faking it to Make it Edutainment  

Tap into  your  Alter ego  Edutainment 6-9 

Tap​ping into  your  Alter ego  to  Leverage Success - a ​Mini fashion show | presentation- Lingerie designer- Sasha Peters and her alter ego  Hot  Cocoa ​- general Ticket on Sale Sepetember 1st​


Monday 15 - 19, 2014  5 Day Sessions 

BKstylecode 2014 - #SewOpen Design Fashion Studio  

puts a specially designed 5 day seminar that Local Fashion I Business | Production | Operations | Sales & Marketing into perspective for attendeees. The goal i sto assist loacl bsuienssesin adapting  and adopting Technology to operate on a Global Scale as well as fascilitate the business of local fashion in the conceptualization of  Fashiontech startups 


Lawrence Pizzi

Bonnie Sandy  with input from Fashion I Business | Production | Operations | Sales & Marketing& tech experts



Monday 15 - 19, 2014 11am-5pm

BKstylecode 2014 - Local112- Fashion | Business | Tech  

Designed for independent fashion designers – Bkstylecode Local 112 is the first conference of its kind specifically addressing fashion technology and the business of local fashion! In five sessions BKstylecode Local 112 will look at strategies, business needs and technology in key areas especially relevant to immediate solutions

  • Monday, September 15, 2014 - 3D for Fashion Swww.hapeways.com & wwww.3DHeights.com
  • Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - Meet the Buyer -Trade Edition 
    1. 5-6 meeet buyers from  online Market Places -
    2. Atim Oton Calabar Impart & and a panel of Buyers 
  • Wednesday, September 17, 2014 People, Pricing,,  & Profit Bonnie Sandy  
  • Thursday, September 18, 2014 - 
    • Brooklyn "Tee" Party 
  1. Perfecting a unique "tee" shirt Block Tenneh Wilkins...House of Rubi
  2. Branding & Professionalism Louis Narcisse  Pharaonic Design 
  • Friday, September 19, 2014 -
  • Meet the “BUYER” (consumer edition) - attend shop and swag our Bkstyle pop-up event
  1. Present, show and sell at Meet the “BYOR”- add technology to your sales 
  2. Show and sell Prep 5:00pm – 7:00pm - Designers set up and sales workshop
  3. Show and sell 7:00pm – 12:00pm at out Pop up even 



Saturday 20 , 2014

​Explore teh lements and priciples of design i

11-1 Jewelry design- learn to merchandising sale

1pm-4pm Shoe Redesign lab- It's time to add shoe design To your offering

Leather design ​- vlma newsome​

Shoe cover- Tenneh Wilkins


BKSTyleCon 2012  ​Events for Youth


SUNDAY  21st 2014 11am-6pm.  Opportunities to introduce talented, local creative youth the possibilites entrepreneurshipan dcore concepts of creaive Enterprise. 

  1.  11am - 4pm Youth open studio (refers​​hments served).  
  2. 4-6 youth show and sell as well as panel discussion on way parents can help and encourage youth  to develop and a creative tech Participation  - fueled by STEAMD concepts.       



BKSTyleCon 2012  Events  for Consumers

Friday shopping  even 7pm -12 Details TBA
​Satur​day Fashion show 7-12 Details TBA

 Tech is Inevitable... 

Best  practice as well as quality  control & monitoring  for your business
We'll discus the  digital yools; existing painpoints - as challenegs and opportunities for startup aides 
New apps or websites
New and or emerging business models ...