The “How To” of creating  and running  a successful lifestyle brand, BKSTyleCon was designed to address the needs of the local creative lifestyle professional. We began with fashion but some of the sessions were applicable to any creative independent entrepreneur. This video clip was shot in between sessions, on an IPhone. The topic practical tips for using and shooting video for your business. The question how does one write or script what should be said. In a short improv Victor Arnez, actor, video and acting coach, producer… demonstrates “storytelling”,using one of the art pieces on display at Stratospher studios.

Victor handled the “Scripting engaging product descriptions and media content. “ but effective product descriptions need other basic elements:-

  • The story/creative description- engaging. the listener
  • The technical description- facts about the product, what material, what size, specs (covered in another session) 
  • The compliance -what information is it legally required that you provide, this is affected by product range state, industry, country eg (covered during the week)
  • Call to action – what do you want the reader to do
  • The logistics – What tools do you need, to shape and craft that media (one solution was “covered by Victors presentation)
    How easy is it for readers to complete the required action…

We shot most of the weeks sessions with the Iphone and professions video  It  does not end there though, we’ll be translating this and others into instructionals and live workshops and seminars. Victor runs gallery tours and seminars on teh language of art . We’re also prepping a sample how to for this session, lepase add your name to our mailing list for news and updates on their availability!

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